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The Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver is one heck of a grooming gadget if you’re looking for a smooth, clean shave for your stubborn stubbles. It can be tough to take out uncomfortable whiskers from your face, and this is what the product is exactly for. It can aid you towards having a cleaner look.

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Upon taking out the shaver, you will notice how it has an easy grip and comfortable slide on your cheeks. Its dark blue and greyish design comes with a travel pouch and AC adapter. The Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver’s accessories should be useful to carry around and plug in even when you’re traveling.

Bring it anywhere, and you can even choose whether you’d like for it to go with a shaving cream or not. It is also advisable to practice your shaving routines with the Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver so you will know how to handle it better, in case you want to use it while you’re travelling.

Its Main Features

Arc4 Shaving SystemThe Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver’s Arc4 feature, highly performing linear motor, flexibly pivoting head and arc foil in multi-fit format are all combined in one single unit to provide the best shave with each use.

This shaver’s Arc4 system has foils, which are quite thin and sharp to make sure most of your whiskers will be captured. As it effectively works on taking out most of your stubborn hair, this feature also enables for the Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver to be safe for use even for sensitive skin.

The Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver’s linear motor also ensures a quiet shave while the flexible, pivoting head allows for more contoured movements. The shaver should follow after the shape of your face so every edge will be stubble free. What further compliments the linear motor would be the arc foil in multi-fit format. This feature should allow the shaver to move in a more circular motion.

With these mentioned features, the Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver will be sure to safely take out any of your whiskers without leaving any allergies or trails of hair behind. With thorough use, every crevice of your applicable area will be smooth to touch.

Some Maintenance Pointers

ES8243A Wet DryThis unit is easy to maintain since you’ll only need to replace its outer coil once a year while the inner blades may be changed every two years. Cleaning is also convenient since its blade area only needs to be opened and washed on to a running faucet. When you can, try buying a razor brush for your Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver. This should further allow you to take out any other remaining strands in the razor.

The Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver also comes with a two-year warranty, upon availability in chosen locations. Its existing customers are even content with its performance, in comparison to their previously owned shavers.

If you want a smooth, clean and efficient clean for your stubborn stubbles, try the Panasonic ES8243A Electric Shaver today. If you really must use one, the Panasonic ES-LT71-S costs just about the same and comes with a Vortex Cleaning Station. It has the same powerful 13000 rpm motor, but only comes with a three blade shaving system, so that is a thing to keep in mind. It won’t be as fast and efficient as the ES8243A, but it’s definitely a solid option.

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor








  • Arc4 Shaving System
  • Flexible Pivoting Electric Shaver Head
  • Wet/Dry Convenience
  • Pop-up Trimmer

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