Technology for men: the Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer

As for technology for men, we have the latest in the market. If you usually have problems with your hair clipper and beard, such as irritation, imprecision, difficulty in portability, forget about this. If you are thinking of changing your style, know that you are in the right place. Read what we have for you about a new wireless cutting machine that has revolutionized the lives of men. The technology of the new Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer will give you everything you have ever wanted, better than a haircut or barber shop.

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Data sheet:
It has dimensions of 6.6 x 2.0 x 1.8 inches, weighs 0.42 pounds, so, as you see this is very small. It can be used anywhere on the body and is also available for underage use, because of its design and reliability will give Your children a very soft and delicate shave without irritating sensitive skin.

The Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer has high precision stainless steel blades, is very water resistant and has an electric brush to make cleaning very simple and will make that the next time you use it looks like new. It has a variety of adjustments very easy to use, these will determine the hair length you want and the precision to achieve a unique style. It has a rechargeable AC battery; however, it can also be used when connecting to electricity. You can use it not only for beard and hair but also for whiskers, mustache and other areas where unwanted hair abounds.

It’s design
Due to its size and lightweight, it is ideal to take anywhere (as to work or travel) because being thin machine cuts to fit any toilet kit men and if it is in a place without electric current can be used with the battery rechargeable, without problems. On the ergonomic handle, additionally you can find the fourteen precision and length adjustments of the cutter, you will also see that the battery charge indicator is on.

Their blades are the evolution of the advanced Japanese art of extremely sharp swords. Panasonic has worked with this technique, applying it to the Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer, resulting in high precision blades and a clean shave. You will cut your hair or beard in a pleasant, efficient and painless way. This makes this machine one of the best in the industry. The blades of this wireless cutter machine are hypoallergenic, so that if you have very sensitive skin, you can use it without any restriction, as it has been shown not to irritate the most sensitive skins.

Its smoothly curved and ergonomic male design makes the handle fit comfortably in any hand regardless of its size, thus providing ease in gripping the wireless cutter. It is lined in rubber which gives security to whoever is using it, if you are doing it in the shower the machine will not slip from your hand.

How to use and charge the battery
Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer includes an AC charger that can be plugged in when you need it and a built-in AC Battery that will need to be charged 8 hours for about 10 hours use, to verify the charging process should be fixed on the handle. You will use either method according to where you are or at your convenience. However, it is recommended that for very long usage the wireless cutter is connected to the electric current.

When to use it
The Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer can be used on dry and wet hair without any problem. You will be the one choosing what it is more comfortable. Adjust the wireless cutter to the size of the hair you want to have, also adjust the degree of precision you want for your new haircut, in this step, you will not take more than five minutes. Check that the battery is charged. Otherwise, it can be used with electricity. According to most men, it is more like using this wireless cutter in the shower, because having the ability to immerse makes you more comfortable when using it.

Cleaning and maintenance
For cleaning of this wireless cutter machine, you will need water at a medium temperature and the Panasonic electric brush included in the package. Pour the water without remorse, remember that the Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer is totally and completely waterproof, you can use soap and electric brush to remove hair residue. However, it is recommended that, after washing the wireless cutter, you must do the respective maintenance.

The product includes a special oil for the cleaning and maintenance of the blades, this oil will make the blades work as new and cut the same as the first time. You will take very little time in this process because it is very simple.

In this article, we talked about the latest technology with regard to wireless hair clippers for men, but as you could see the Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer is not any machine, as it has a large number of possible functions, ways of use and adjustments that will surely give you the image you always wanted, because although it is clear that a good appearance is a product of how you feel, sometimes we need some ideas to improve our personal presentation. This machine is recommended not only for ordinary people who want to look better, but it is also for haircut experts, but the best hairdressers and barbers also use the best, and this tool is the right one. The Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer will give you a new fast, efficient and painless way to change your appearance.

Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer

Panasonic ER224S Electric Hair and Beard Trimmer








  • 14 Adjustable Trim Settings
  • Trim Cordless or Corded
  • 100% Washable

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