Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver Review

Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver

Scouring the web for an electric rotary shaver could land you on the Remington XR 1370. A brainchild of Remington Company, which is a reputable brand in the manufacture of electric shavers, the shaver apparently doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality.

Its simple and classy design makes it candy to the eyes of most buyers. The ergonomic shape spiced with no slip grip feature allows it to fit in your hands comfortably. At the front is a runtime display that keeps you up to speed by indicating the remaining power. Besides that, what else boosts the allure of the Remington XR 1370? Below is a comprehensive analysis of the product.

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Quick charge time

The lithium ion charged battery fitted in the Remington cannot go without recognition. The battery is infused with a rapid charging functionality to reduce repeated charging and enhance portability without worry of a power outage. To be precise, a complete charge takes an average of 60 minutes and offers you with two weeks of service.

Just in case you forgot to charge it in the 60 minute span, the shaver offers a quick charging option that takes you only 5 minutes, and you are ready to go. The lithium battery and quick charging option come as a plus for the rotary as it reduces cords of power connection, thereby enhancing its convenience.

Runtime display

Can you imagine how unfortunate it can be if your shaver runs out of power as you shave? This was the experience with the previous versions of Remington products, but with the Remington XR1370, the problem has been sorted out.

The rotary shaver is fitted with an easy to view runtime display screen that shows the number of minutes you have left to enjoy the shave before it runs out of power. This allows you to plan on when to charge it next and as a result enhance its efficiency.

Chrome finishing and rubber grips

With the wet technology featured in the Remington XR1370, you can either choose to shave in or out of the shower. You can also opt to use gel or not. All this depends on the kind of results you expect. This places the shaver at risk of slipping through your hand and fall, leading to losses. However, with the chrome finishing and rubber grips, the problem is curtailed. The features enhance a firm yet comfortable grip as you shave with the chrome finishing coming in handy to shield the rotary from damage in case it slips off accidentally.


The shaver is of light weight to improve easy portability. Its pivoting base improves security not only during storage but also as you carry it along. It also acts as a protective dock that prevents the shaver from turning on when stored in the suitcase. The charging base is as well compact to allow it to fit in comfortably in the carrier bag and as a result, reduce the worry of power outage regardless of the number of days you spend away from home.

Hyperflex technology

Poor shaving tactics could lead to skin irritation. Poor positioning of the shaver is an example of a poor shaving technique. But with the Remington XR 1370, this problem is accurately handled, thanks to the hyper flex technology it happens to adapt. The technology is different and very vital for beginners or even experienced shavers. With the technology, the shaver`s head can tilt on different angles around your face. This makes it more perfect as you can reach all corners of your face regardless of shape.

It has precision plus heads

For most men, an unpleasant pulling of the beards that leads to irritation and a subsequent compromise of your face’s smooth nature happens to be a common experience. Remington Company knows this too well and has innovated tricks to handle the menace by incorporating separate slots in the machine to trim both long and short hair.

It also adapts the dual truck blade technique that ensures all skin levels are reached and allow for an efficient cutting of the hair at its root. This allows you to perform very close skin shaves without fear of irritation after the shave.

Wet tech functionality and comfort trim trimmer

Remington XR1370 is a waterproof rotary electric shaver and adopts the wet tech modification that allows for dual shaving environments. As mentioned earlier, you can comfortably opt to shave in a dry environment or even wet conditions depending on the results you expect.

Remington XR1370 ComfortTrim TrimmerThe rotary also boasts of a comfort trim trimmer, an interesting modification that helps you reach the hard to reach places like the sideburns and the back of your neck. This aspect plays a vital role in making the cut appealing and perfect.


  • It is used in dry or wet conditions – Its waterproof design and well-designed blades allow for an eased use for either of the environments without compromising on quality.
  • Has an elegant design – It is simple and beautiful in design, making it more attractive to users and also act as a key selling point.
  • It is easy to operate whether you are a beginner or an experienced user. The shaver is one of the best fit thanks to its user-friendly functions, and it’s naturally quick to adapt.
  • Long lasting battery – the lithium ion chargeable battery takes a little time to charge and can retain the charge for a longer span.
  • Portable – it is compact and light in weight making it simple to carry along


  • Unlike other electric shavers, Remington XR1370 doesn’t operate on a charge and play option. You have to charge it fully before using it. However, this is not a deal breaker since the manufacturer allows for a 5 minute instant charging for users in a hurry.
  • It is lesser durable. The type of materials used to make this shaver are fragile, making it more prone to breaking as compared to its competitors.

If you are seeking years of close shaving with reduced irritations, Remington is the choice for you. Regardless of your hair texture or shape of the face, this shaver is well adapted to deal with all that perfectly.

Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver

Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver








  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy to use
  • Has an elegant design
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