Remington MB4040 Trimmer Review

An efficient mustache and beard trimmer have a greater role in keeping a well-maintained appearance. But, short amount of working time on a single charge is one of the common downfalls of battery operated beard and mustache trimmers. Remington MB4040 Trimmer comes as a solution for this problem. Powered by lithium-ion battery, this trimmer can hold a much longer charge than most traditional batteries. Therefore, it is worth looking deeply at the features of Remington MB4040 and sees why it is so special.

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Major Features of Remington MB4040

  • Titanium coated blades, which are self-oiling and sharpening
  • Powered by lithium ion battery
  • 9 different length settings
  • 3 precision ground blades
  • Runs 160 minutes on a full recharge
  • Quick blade release
  • Can clean very easily under running water
  • Ergonomic shape offers comfortable handling
  • Quiet operation
  • Attachment stays firmly in place
  • Good quality construction
  • Powerful and sturdy
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Less attachment
  • Charge remains for a long time
  • Adjustments lock in place easily
Cleaning and Maintenance

Lithium coating in these trimmer blades makes them long lasting and durable. The blades are self-oiling and self-sharpening, thus maintenance is minimal. The precision ground stainless steel offers exceptional cutting performance. It has a wide blade for fast and efficient trim and a detail blade for trimming. Thus, it is extremely effective even on full beards. Though not washable, the easy release button of this trimmer makes cleaning simple. As mentioned earlier, this trimmer does not need any oiling, but it you wash it, oiling is required.

The Remington MB4040 has 9 length settings, which is helpful for selecting the beard length. Therefore, you have the right to pick between stubble, short beard, medium beard, or full beard length. You can also take on and off the blades very easily. The head is washable that is helpful for removing loose hair easily. Really powerful motor, lightweight, and compact size are the other amazing features of Remington MB4040 Trimmer. You can easily handle a long or a coarse beard if you use this trimmer. It is extremely powerful, which is really great for people with thick hair. It is lightweight, small, and cordless. But, it is extremely powerful, hence it is excellent for those who need a trimmer to use on the head.


Remington MB4040 TrimmerRemington MB4040 comes with three detachable heads for trimming beards, goatees, and one for stubble. The last one provides you a 3-day stubble look every use. The trimmer has wide teeth, which are designed for tackling thick facial hair quickly. Thus, you can keep your beard length or shape it for getting a completely new beard style. You can also create thin, sharp lines around your sideburns, mustache, and goatee by using the goatee trimmer because it has a detailing blade.

The trimmer is lightweight, so you can hold it very easily at any angle you want to make the designed cut. The curved shape of Remington MB4040 allows you to get around your neck and under your chin. Like other mustache and beard trimmers, this trimmer does not need multiple passes. It can trim all the hairs you want even if they are thick. You need not worry about pinching your skin or pulling hairs if you use this trimmer. The cutting head edges of this trimmer are very smooth. Therefore, you can enjoy trimming without any skin irritation.

Despite the superior power, the Remington MB4040 Trimmer is very quiet. It emits only a very low humming sound, which is one of the wonderful features of this trimmer. Thus, you can do the job without disturbing others.


Remington MB4040 is a cordless trimmer and it offers around 120 minutes of trimming and shaving on a full charge. Only three hours are required for charging the battery fully. It is a perfect trimmer for everyday use.

Versatility and Durability

Remington MB4040 Trimmer is extremely durable and versatile, which is the other peculiar feature of this trimmer. The titanium coated blades remain sharp and smooth for long periods. Interchangeable heads offer greater versatility. A precision cutter is really great for mustaches and detail works.

Length Settings

The zoom wheel of the MB4040 allows you to set the length as per your desire. Once you set the wheel, it will hold the setting perfectly by clicking firm. The length indicator displays the number of your setting. This is helpful for eliminating the chance of a mistake completely.

Additional Features

Remington MB4040 Trimmer comes with some additional features that are also extremely useful. The rubberized no slip grip is the major among them. This feature allows you to use it easily without worrying about slipping out of your hands. The three precision blades are great for defining and edging sideburns, beard, as well as cleaning the neck area.


The standout strength of MB4040 is the battery life of this trimmer. Trimmers in the same category end up losing power very easily while using. But, the rechargeable lithium ion battery of this trimmer lasts for longer periods of time.

The MB4040 comes with a wheel, which is helpful for adjusting the beard trimmer. Thus, removing attachments and replacing them is more convenient. You can use this beard trimmer all over body grooming, fades, and haircuts. It is cordless, so it works perfectly well.


Sometimes, Remington MB4040 Trimmer makes issues of catching and pulling wiry hairs. It will be really painful. Mostly, it occurs when you use the blade without attachments. You will not face any such issues if you use the blade with attachments. This trimmer comes with superior features that stand up to everyday use. However, it may break very easily if you handle it carelessly. The trimmer breaks beyond repair if you drop it on the tile of your bathroom.


Remington MB4040 Trimmer does not come with a travel pouch or charging stand. Therefore, you should also purchase a travel pouch if you are planning on traveling. This is helpful for keeping the heads together and protects your trimmer from all types of damages.


Remington MB4040 is considered as the best and top rated trimmers by this company. Long battery life, cordless power, and easy length adjustments are some of the most impressive features of this trimmer. The blades are extremely durable and you can maintain them very easily. It allows you getting a close shave without nicks or pulls. But, if you are not careful, it may break very easily.

Remington MB4040 Trimmer

Remington MB4040 Trimmer








  • Ease of cleaning
  • Charge remains for a long time
  • User-friendly
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