Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100 Review

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100 is a convenient and easy to use device that’s guaranteed to give a smooth result with each shaving. It’s one of the most popular shavers around since it provides excellent performance at very affordable cost.

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For the best results when using this tool, try replacing the shaving head after every 12 months period. This is a quality product that’s built to last and with minimal maintenance required.


I. Has Close Cut Razor System. The device has been expertly modified to give you a closer shave with each cutting. Furthermore, the robust, self-sharpening razors constantly sharpen themselves while working, so that the cut is always fast and precise.

II. Three 4-Directional flex heads. It has independently moving heads that mechanically adjust to every curvature of your face/neck for a slicker cut.

III. Runs on Lithium-ion battery. The powerful and long-lasting cell unit guarantees extended runtime with every charge. When fully charged, Philips Norelco 2100 can operate for up to 35 minutes which translates to about 14 shaves. The tool operates only in cordless mode. Moreover, its front side also has a battery full, low battery and charging indicator.

IV. Has One-Touch Open mode. To clean it, you only have to pop-up the head open and rinse well under running water.

V. Has an extra pop-up trimmer. This feature is perfect for trimming sideburns and preserving a mustache, it will complete your facial looks for the perfect appearance.

VI. Suitable for dry shaving. Even if you don’t have shaving cream, it will still deliver a good cut provided you rinse constantly with water for cleaning.

VII. Fully washable shaver with a variety of useful aspects such as a protective cap and LED display function.


a) Philips Norelco 2100 has a classic design that’s attractive to look at, its build quality and ergonomics are also perfect. The device has a beautiful black color scheme with a touch of blue for variance. It looks sharp unlike its immediate predecessor.

b) Its light and sturdy in the hand, while rubber inserts also provide a considerably secure grip. Despite its affordable price, the machine’s construction seems strong with no crackling sounds or rough edges present. .

c) Easy cleaning and maintenance. After using it, you only need to rinse the blade under warm tap water to remove any loose debris. Next, press the release knob found on the back of your machine to pop open the cutting head.

Proceed by dumping the hair inside then run under water again, so as to clean the inside part and cutter sections. Finish by patting dry the excess water then leave it open to dry fully. For the best outcome, this operation should be done after every use.

d) Shaving performance is quite decent. Using this machine for daily trimming or even 2-3 days in a week will give you great results. Nevertheless, the jawline and neck regions may require additional passes in order to get a cleaner cut.

As for comfort, if the cell unit is properly charged and razors in good condition then you shouldn’t encounter any hair pulling or skin irritation. Moreover, as expected of a rotary shaver in its category, the noise is kept very low during operation.

The lightweight built and comfortable seamless operation all make this machine worth using. Plus its integrated pop-up trimmer is also a nice addition to the product and works exceptionally well.

e) Replacement parts are available. The device uses a standard SH30 Replacement Head that should preferably be swapped once per year, this component is readily available from authorized dealers.

f) It’s soft on the skin and won’t cut your face during shaving, plus it only takes a few minutes to trim thanks to the powerful rotors. A single charge is also guaranteed to last for a couple of weeks for convenience.

g) The device can safely be used to trim eyebrows with no risk of injury to the user.

h) Though Norelco 2100 is originally intended for use by men, older women can also apply it for removing little hairs that often show up around the chin as they age.

i) Additionally, there’s an instructions booklet that you can use for guidance to assemble and use the machine. It also gives tips on how to clean it adequately.

j) The light indicator blinks when fully charged so as to avoid overheating of the battery.

k) Cordless shaving allows for better maneuverability, the machine can be directed to whichever location you want on the face with minimal effort.


i) It takes too long to charge, approximately 8hrs for a full charge. Additionally, there’s no rapid charge option and wet-shaving function.

ii) For some tricky parts of the face, such as the jawline, you have to pass through them repetitively to attain a closer cut and this can be tiresome.

iii) Sometimes the blades may completely come off when shaving, instead of remaining attached to the head as is expected. This can be inconveniencing

iv) Replacement parts are costly and priced at nearly the same rate as the machine itself. This translates to high running costs.

v) Though charging-cord plugs directly into the machine, there’s no charging stand included in the package.


In conclusion, Norelco 2100 is a reliable entry-level shaver with all the features needed for a close and clean cut. It’s a no frills blade that will surely get the work done. When fully charged, it will give you 35 minutes of runtime which is enough to last for several weeks.

Furthermore, the durable, self-sharpening razors are designed to refine themselves while operating so as to give you a much closer shave. Not to mention that it can also be cleaned easily by just popping the head open and rinsing thoroughly under tap water.

This machine is also precision-built to give you closer shavings thanks to its 4-Directional Flex Heads, which are designed to contour with every curve of your face or neck. Plus there’s a Pop-Up Trimmer that’s perfect for working on sideburns and moustache. Philips Norelco 2100 is recommended for those who want a robust shaver that can be used regularly throughout the week without failing.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100








  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Shaving performance is quite decent
  • Cordless


  • It takes too long to charge
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