Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver Review

Over the past several decades, Panasonic has become one of the leading companies producing a wide range of electronic devices. The reputation of the company for delivering solid, dependable, if not spectacular devices includes the field of electric shavers. For many, Panasonic has delivered several high-quality electric razors that have all been impressive for their price.

The Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver is designed to follow in the footsteps of the mid-priced electric razors from the company. However, does it have the right features and will it manage to live up to Panasonic’s reputation for good overall quality?

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As with many Panasonic products, this one offers several features that are found on other razors in the line. However, there are not as many features as you might find in similarly priced products from other brands.

  • Arc3 Micro-Polished Nanotech Blades
  • Convex Foils
  • 13,000 RPM Linear Motor
  • Pivoting Head that is Adjustable
  • Wet/Dry Shaving
  • Water-Infused Hygienic Solution
  • Long-Lasting Cartridge

The Nanotech blades combined with the convex foils provides a close, smooth shave. The comfort level is improved thanks to the triple blade action that hugs all the contours of your face thanks to the pivoting head. The adjustable pivoting head means that you can move it where needed so you can get the right shave that holds close to your face while remaining comfortable.

The motor’s 13,000 RPM provides plenty of power which mean that the blades will cut through the toughest beard with ease. Add to this the Nano-technology that helps keep the blades sharp and you have a system that works quite well over time. You can use the razor dry or in water, which means that you can use it in the shower with your favorite shaving cream or gel to get the shave that you want.

Like most electric razors, this one has a pop-up trimmer so you can properly groom mustaches, sideburns, and beards. When you purchase the entire cleaning system, you get the automatic charger which works each time you place it inside. Plus, there is a cleaner and drying system so that your razor stays clean and ready to go each time you want to shave. There is even a Turbo Cleaning Mode in case you want a faster clean for your razor.


There are several advantages the Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver that makes it one of the best electric razors on the market today. For those who want a good, clean shave, this razor has a lot to offer.

Triple Blade Action: Arguably the best reason to purchase this razor is for the triple blade design. It provides for a close, comfortable shave that works time and time again. The two foils that cover the blades prevent irritation, so that you can get a very close shave that protects the sensitive skin on your neck and parts of the face. Add to this the pivoting head which hugs the contours of your face and you have a total shaving system the really works well.

Solid Rechargeable Battery: The rechargeable battery will last for about 14 long shaves off a one-hour charge. Plus, there is a battery monitory so you can see how much power is remaining. You also have the option for a five-minute quick charge which lets you get in one shave if the battery has run dry. All things considered, this is a very good battery that will last for a long time.

Wet or Dry: Another big advantage is that you can use the shaver either wet or dry which provides plenty of versatility. If you are in a hurry, you can simply pull the razor from the charger and get a quick, clean shave so you can get on with the rest of your day. However, you can also use the device wet which means it can be in your shower so you can combine it with your favorite gel or cream to get the kind of shave that you want. In addition, you can rinse off the razor under the faucet for a quick clean before putting it back in the charger. It’s your call as you can use the automatic cleaning system as well which also cleans up the blades and removes and debris.

It should be noted that the cleaning system in the charger really works well because it speeds up the blades to 17,000 RPM so that any debris is totally removed.

Powerful Motor: The 13,000 RPM motor is powerful enough to allow the blades to easily cut through the hair without pulling or grabbing. This means that you get a good, close shave that is comfortable and protects the sensitive skin of your face and neck. The motor holds up quite well over time which means that you can expect many hours of good, close shaves from this electric razor.


There is little doubt that the Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver offers considerable advantages for those who want consistently close, clean shaves. What it lacks in overall features compared to some other brands in the price range is made up for by the emphasis on proven attributes in the Panasonic line. For fans of Panasonic electric razors, this one lives up to the expectations and should please those who want a razor that is easy to use, offers fast recharging, and cleans up nicely.

If there is any feature that puts this one over the top, it is probably the Turbo Cleaning System that uses detergent instead of alcohol. Combines with the whirring motor inside the charger that pushes the blades up to 17,000 RPM, you can trust that it will be fully clean and ready to go. It also helps that you can use the razor wet or dry which provides you with more options.

For those who have never tried a Panasonic electric razor before, this one offers a great example of how the brand has evolved over the years into an electric shaver that works quite well, time and time again.

Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8109S Men’s 3-Blade Electric Shaver








  • HydraClean Automatically Cleans Your Shaver
  • Wet/Dry Design Lets you Shave in the Shower
  • Rechargeable Battery
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