Panasonic ES4815S Cordless Dual-Blade Electric Travel Shaver

It is difficult to select the best travel shaver, especially when you have a range of great options available. When you wish to travel light but keep all the important things with you, the light weight shaving products are quite useful.

The inability to travel with your favorite shaving kit could be troublesome. Moreover, not a lot of airport security services permit different styles of razors. There are always a few that you are allowed to travel with. Said that, let us introduce to you Panasonic ES4815S Cordless Dual-Blade Electric Travel Shaver that can be with you anywhere and everywhere.

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Get a clean and smooth shave anywhere and anytime now with the new ES4815S Panasonic shaver. It comes with double ultra-sharp, separate floating blades that easily adjust to your face contours for maximum coverage and supreme comfort. The 8,200 rpm powerful motor ensures nicely cut whiskers. The wet/dry feature gives you a fast and clean shave in no time. You can use it without a shaving gel or simply with water. The ES4815S operates on a battery which you can easily carry around in your mobile pouch.


Shave rough or light beard cleanly and quickly at home or while travelling. This dual blade electric shaver with its stainless steel blades, independently floating work at a perfect 60 Degree angle to provide effective results.

As you shave, the micro-thin foil and stainless steel blades immediately adjust to the contours of each individual, whether it is your neck or face you are shaving. The stainless steel is tested for all skin types. It does not matter whether you have a sensitive skin or a clear skin, the hypoallergenic blades provide a gentle, non-irritating and safe shave.

This shaver in designed to shave all densities of beard- coarse, thick, fine or moderate. The ES4815S is a high performance 8,200 rpm motored product that delivers evenly distributed and fast performance. Having multiple features, this product is also 100% washable, which makes it convenient for you to shave dry when you are in a rush. Being washable, it allows clean and effective maintenance of the product. Run it through warm water and quickly clean it and place it back in a bag.

The perfect grip of this ergonomic profile shaver fits comfortably in both hands for maximum control and comfort. For added comfort, the cordless and slim design easily fits into any small bag. Being a handy and lightweight product, it is easy to keep it a hand carry while travelling. This also comes with AA batteries.


  • Micro thin stainless steel foil with directional two blades
  • AA batteries
  • Lasts for more than 30 shaves
  • Comes with a small travel pouch
  • Light weight and sleek design
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 2 year warranty

Customer Satisfaction

Being a lightweight and easy to carry shaving product, it meets all the criteria of an effective shaving product. What customers love the most about this product is that it allows you to shave on all skin types, wet/dry, without causing any infections.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Panasonic ES4815S Cordless Dual-Blade Electric Travel Shaver can be used on both dry and wet skin. Whether you are left handed or right handed, its ergonomic profile allows you to have a strong grip of the product. The downside of this product is that it is not rechargeable. Moreover, it because it does not have a high battery performance, you will also not find a pop-up trimmer which is a feature available in other products at the same price.

Common Questions Asked

Are there any supporting accessories?

Yes, it comes with an outer foil replacement and inner blade replacement for selective users. It is named as WES9833P and WES9850P respectively.

Can the product be sent for repair?

You can visit the nearby Panasonic franchise for the repair of your product.

How long does the warranty last?

The product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Is it available online?

Yes. You can purchase it from Panasonic or third party sites like Amazon and eBay.


Panasonic ES4815S Cordless Dual-Blade Electric Travel Shaver is a handy travel shaving product. For those who frequently travel and find it difficult to carry the entire shaving kit with them, this product is of great use. It comes at an affordable price and has mostly satisfied its customers. Although designed for men, many female users have found it easy and effective to shave legs and arms with this product because of its wet/dry feature. The only problem with the product is its battery life. Although you can find extra batteries through Panasonic, but it is an additional investment later on. Overall, it is a great and effective product that gives you a clean and smooth shaving experience.

Panasonic ES4815S Electric Travel Shaver

Panasonic ES4815S Electric Travel Shaver








  • Light weight
  • Convenient to carry
  • Comes with a small travel pouch
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