Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver Review

Since their creation, Human Beings have been inventing new products for their ease and earning financial benefits. Most of the products have been a great success and marked the names of their manufacturers’ in the history. In the 20th century the invention of computer and different technologies revolutionized the world with new and astounding inventions. Man’s life has become easy due to these inventions. Many of these inventions are directly related to Humans. The Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc 3 razor is also one such product that directly relates to human body. Here we are going to make an unbiased review of the product to ease the reader to buy it without any hesitation.

Check Price of Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver


Arc 3 razors are the most important razors from the Japanese Company Panasonic which was founded in 1918 in the name of Matsushita Electric Corporation. These are ultra thin sharp edge razors with 3 blade technology to give you smooth and easy shave.

Product Features

Following are the main features of this razor that make it a worth buying product. These are:

–   For smooth and easy shave it has 3 blade cutting system with 30 degree edges.

Fast, Linear Motor Drive

–   Well able to follow the natural contours of the face and can capture and cut all the hairs closely whether these hairs are large or small.
–   Has 8500 rpm high power shaving machine is able to move effortlessly over the cheeks, chin, jaw, and rest of the face for smooth feeling.
–   Can be used both dry and also with foam, gel, or cream by wetting.
–   Has flow through shutters that help its cleaning under fresh water.
–   Long lasting battery, along with a charging stand, this lasts for 45 minutes.
–   It has a trimmer built on shaving sensor technology to trim the beard and moustache.


Buying this product has many advantages. Some of these are:

–   On using it we feel that its compact size fits in the hand easily.
–   There is no rocket science in using it because it can be used easily.
–   Another advantage is its availability. It is easily available on the stores.
–   Due to stainless steel frame it is always long lasting and durable.
–   It is also inexpensive in the sense that it gives a smooth shave with modern technology.
–   Its powerful and nice design makes it easy to follow the facial contours for smooth shaving experience.
–   It is easy to clean because of flow through shutters that allow water to flow through it and wash away the hairs.


Along with many positives, the razor also has many negatives. These are:

–   It is costly than other similar shavers from the other manufacturers.
–   It does not fulfill all the expectations of its buyer.
–   Its battery lasts for half the time as compared with the advertised time.
–   Due to its curved edges it is difficult to use by a new user.
–   Has nothing to tell about remaining battery
–   It has no direct plug option and is always charged in the charging stand.

Comparison with Other Shavers

This razor from Panasonic can easily be compared with the following shavers to know its quality.

1.Braun Electric Shavers

Braun Electric shavers are made in Germany with high quality shaving experience. Its use proves that Germans never compromise on quality. If we compare these two razors we come to the conclusion that Panasonic Razor is cost efficient and has modern sensor technology which are not in Braun Electric Shavers. Another plus point of Panasonic razor is that it can be used both as dry and wet razor whereas Braun razor are only for dry shave. The third is that Braun razor have so low sound that it often feels as it is not working but it is not the case with Panasonic Arc 3 razors.

2.Philips Electric Shavers

These are the rotary shavers from Philips and are not of high quality as compared with Arc 3 razors. These also have no trimmer and sensor technology that is used in Arc 3 razors. Moreover, they have no high end design as compared with Arc 3 razors.

Which to Buy

After using these three razors one reaches the decision that Panasonic Arc3 razor is the best as compared with the others because of its modern technology, its sensors, its curved edges, and its cost efficiency. Moreover, the flow through of water and its easy cleaning is also a plus point to buy it.

Where to Buy

These razors are easily available on all the stores in the world. Moreover these can be ordered online from different online stores. But always try to buy from a certified store in order to ensure the original. These are also available to purchase on Company’s online website.


In conclusion, it can easily be said that Panasonic Arc 3 ES-ST25KS is the best razor to be bought to enjoy the smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-ST25KS Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver








  • There is no rocket science in using it because it can be used easily
  • Fast, Linear Motor Drive
  • Cleans in Seconds Under the Faucet


  • It does not fulfill all the expectations of its buyer
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