How to Use Electric Shaver the Right Way

Velusamy electric shavers offer an easy method to obtain a reasonable shave or great shave if you contain the proper tools and techniques. They pull up hairs prior shaving hence you receive a proper shave fast. Probably the major draw is which you do not require any shaving cream, water, gels or soaps to avail an electric shaver. You want a power source and a mirror. Any type of shaving can be without any problem when you possess the right technique. Other than purchasing a real shaver, you will want to just replace the foils of the razor.


Shaving techniques with electric shavers like to vary when you compare with wet shaving methods. There are some electric-shaver-step-drytips available for you on how to avail electric shaver in the proper manner. Before to shaving you normally want to wash the face with warm water. Use cleanser to make your hair soft and eliminate extra oil on the skin. Then you want to do the surface fully dry. Unless you are availing one of the new breed of dry and wet shavers, that can be utilized with or without water. You will receive good outcome from the electric shaver if the stubble is bone stiff and dry. To ensure it is free of sebum and dirt, avail an alcohol oriented pre-electric shave material. These are designed with ingredients such as vitamin E, make sure that the skin is guarded and irritation is maintained to a least.

Circular motion:

If you require assistance on the front attempt utilizing an alcohol oriented toner or a baby powder to make dry out the area and receive the hairs prepared to be shaved. Since electric shaving is not very close or irritating like wet electric-shaver-stepshaving, large number of people can shave against the grain while availing out. Just pull the skin slightly and drag the device across the skin by using your other hand. If you are availing a rotary shave you need to get circular motions to make buff the razor on the skin instead of just gliding the razor against the grain. Kept the shavers at right angles and avail the free hand to pull the skin tight when you shave, therefore the hairs stand upright. This will make sure optimum contact with the skin, lessen shaving time and reduce snagging. Foil shavers is effective availing back and forth strokes, when rotary shaves must also be utilized with circular motions.

Wet shaving:

Dry shaving is easy, it also refers you want to be smart with the post shave program. Ensure to use a wonderful post shave procedure and a light moisturizer. Well a quick look by some specialists comments would recommend which shave-with-an-electric-shaverthey do not effective like dry shaving. An electric shaver is highly availed on dry skin, especially post shower hence that the hairs are soft and nice. But wet shaving by using an electric shaver is well suited to avail if you possess sensitive skin. Which one is best suitable for you is your own selection. Because of the truth that they are motorized, most of the shavers produce an amount of performing heat, not good for sensitive skin because it can create irritation. Often handle the sensitive areas such as neck when the shaver is very cool. Press lightly and do not move over the similar area continuously.


If you are shaving wet by using electric shaver, you need to follow a same routine to the one you avail to manually shave. Foil razors are best while they are cutting short hair. Place the razor away from the longer hair. If it catches, it will yank the long hair out. Make a good clean after each shaves. Every four to six weeks you will need to provide it a proper clean, getting rid of the build up and brushing out the blades. Electric shavers are available with cleaning electric-shaver-cleaningdirections. The razor must not cut the skin. Shavers are such as cars. They do better when effectively maintained and the worn out components are replaced. Most of it today are available with the own cleaning methods. It will assist it to give a better shave; it will also prolong the material life. Avail the cleaning brush offered to eliminate the whisker dust from the foil and cutters after every shave but be mild because these parts are subtle and damage easily. Do not tap the shave on the corner of the sink to eliminate residues. If you are availing a foil shaver, it will require replacing every one or two years, based on the hardness of the stubble. Most of the men ignore to perform this and if you perform this you will end up pressing tough to obtain a reasonable shave and irritate the skin in the procedure. Information of replacement parts arrive with the manual, hence ensure you maintain it safe.

Takes time:

If you find bleeding, you are performing it wrong. Verify the foil of the razor after each shave for holes. Replace the foil and skin which is availed to manual shaving requires time to adapt to a new approach of shaving. Patience is a virtue with any type of shaving tricks but it is particularly essential if you are a beginner to electric shaving. If you have been utilizing a wet razor all the life and determine to go electric, the skin can carry many weeks to adjust to the fresh shaving technique. Follow that, even if you feel certain small irritation to start with. Select the shaver that suits your requirements. Wash your face, let your face to adjust, avail an alcohol oriented pre-shave, and get the grain of the facial hair. Know what aspects are essential to your shave, replace the shaving blades on regular basis, shave with right technique, and maintain the shaver cleans. Always make sure the blade is sharp, get the shaver in the dominant hand, use the non dominant to pull the skin tight, shave the cheeks and the face sides, shave the sideburns also, shave the mustache part below the nose, shave the neck, and check the mirror for missed areas.

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