Conair GMT900R iStubble Trimmer Review

Conair GMT900R iStubble is the correct trimmer for you if you might want to have a stubbly look, or on the off chance that you have been considering getting that early morning dark look. You can get any tough look with a flawless pick we have here. It will be simple for you to change the length here and there, from 0.4 to 5.0. On the off chance that you are a gentleman who has various tastes in regards to facial hair, at that point, this cordless trimmer is an incredible item for you.

Check Price of Conair GMT900R iStubble Trimmer

The trimmer outline is terribly powerless to stickiness. On the off chance that dampness beads get inside it, at that point, this could make every one of the catches non-responsive. The individual hair prepping market as of now is loaded with Wahl’s, Conair’s, Philip’s, Remington’s and Braun’s, and every one of them offers to adjust the way you trim, keep up and style your facial mane. Presently, the Conair GMT900R iStubble Trimmer is currently a standout amongst the best facial hair trimmers out in the market, accessible. It guarantees you inventive stubble controlling innovation which would overhaul your everyday trimming schedule.

The cordless and jazzy GMT900R conveys you with what it guarantees. It will offer you exactness, ease being used and unswerving outcomes for every one of its buyers. Remembering that, we would give the GMT900 trimmer a 4 out of 5. Our appraisal depends on the capacity of the device to ease up the shadow control, smoothness, and make pleasant stubble.

Superior Stubble Control

Most trimmers in the market require you to settle different brush lengths to prepare your hair, yet the GMT900R trimmer uses a mechanized and electronic length control to change the length. The 15 movable settings of length go from as low as 0.4mm to as high as 5.0mm. Not just that, there are additions also, of 0.2mm from 0.4mm and after that to 2.0 mm, close by augmentations of 0.5mm from 2.0mm, up to 5.0mm. Underneath the fantastic LCD, there are catches to modify these things, appropriate on top of the power on/off the handle. On the off chance that you need a nearby trim, you should simply flip the brush back and keep on using the trimming instruments like you utilize an electric razor.

Exclusive Head

The GMT900 is outfitted with a shaping and skimming head, that will give you a sublime and smooth, even trim. The head tracks and bolts the forms everywhere all over to attempt and work to accomplish higher exactness and most extreme solace. It will likewise keep the pulling of hair and scratches that are available in other facial hair trimmers accessible out there.

The uniqueness of the head’s plan is profoundly advantageous, for you would not need to think about what the exact plot for the trim should be. Rather than that, all you will need to do is simply squeeze this trimmer straight and level upon your face. Finally, the requirement for a skin agreeable and mitigating face ointment item is annihilated, since the trimmer is intended to chafe not your skin by any means.

Long-enduring battery life

The GMT900R needs a 16-hour charge, in any case. From that point onward, you would need to join the twofold battery framework with a fast charging framework. This would give you a long-living battery life, in addition to it would rush to reload. It additionally has a battery marker light that would gleam and educate you when your battery begins to run low. Last, of all, this trimmer can naturally turn itself off following one moment if you are not utilizing it, which encourages you to monitor battery.

Cleaning is Hassle-Free

The trimmer is outlined with a cutting edge which would fall off effectively, at whatever point you would need to wipe it with the brush that accompanies it. Additionally, it is basic to keep up, and it incorporates oiling every one of the sharp edges just once every month.

Elements and Qualifications

  • The structure of the iStubble trimmer is astoundingly solid, having a plastic cover and a brush connection, alongside metal edges with it.
  • Those cutting edges we specified, they have been outlined and framed through an electrochemical technique, which gives them preeminent sharpness, accuracy, and strength. Moreover, you just need maybe a couple of strokes at most to accomplish the look you covet.
  • The iStubble accompanies an entirely clear and magnificent LCD which would demonstrate to you the settings that you work with at any given time. This comprises of the length to which you are trimming.
  • The ergonomic and strong plan of this trimmer would make it simple for you to hold and additionally utilize. This iStubble remains in estimation as the accompanying – 3.5 crawls by 7.2 creeps by 11 inches. The weight is 14.4 oz.
  • You will find that there is adequate protection all around the inherent engine of this trimmer. This would keep any undesirable and awkward warming up of the trimmers while you utilize it.
  • The iStubble trimmer is exceedingly hearty, and it is apparent from the five years guarantee which is offered by the brand alongside it.


  • Like all other individual and accessible preparing apparatuses, the GMT900R comes outfitted with its drawbacks. Above all else, the trim length will reset each time you would turn it off rather than the framework sparing the last utilized length. It implies that each time that you trim the stubble all over, you will set the trimming length physically once more.

Also, this best facial hair trimmer 2015 is an apparatus that is especially defenseless to clamminess and moistness. On the off chance that dampness beads go anyplace inside it, it could make every one of the catches non-responsive. Along these lines, to keep away from a trimmer framework separate, we encourage you not to put your trimmer anyplace close to the wet sink. Additionally, kindly don’t utilize it, on the off chance that you want to, on wet hair.

Like we have recorded, the issues with the GMT900R trimmer are pretty much minor and flat contrasted with its many advantages. The trimmer is astoundingly one of a kind, versatile, precise and predictable. It encourages you to keep and keep up an incredible look in respect of a clean facial hair, mustache, and a goatee. Be that as it may, you must recall that a certain something: the Conair GMT900R iStubble Facial Hair Trimmer is just intended to give you differed length trimming of whiskers, yet it shouldn’t give point by point trimming in your facial completes and lines.

Conair GMT900R iStubble Trimmer

Conair GMT900R iStubble Trimmer








  • Long-enduring battery life
  • Convenient
  • Very cheap
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