Braun Smart Control 190s-1 Cordless Shaver

The name Braun has become synonymous with electric shavers that are durable, reliable, and provide a close, clean shave. In addition, Braun has managed to create several different cordless shavers that are well suited for those who are on a budget, yet need the reliability and convenience of an electric razor.

Check Price of Braun Smart Control 190s-1

The Braun Smart Control 190s-1 Cordless Shaver is yet another in the line of electric razors from the company that promises to deliver a smooth, clean shave all for an economical price. However, does it really live up to its billing?


This particular unit is designed to deliver a close, smooth shave and therefore does not have too many additional features. However, what it does offer is considerable for the price.

Braun Smart Control 190s-1

  • 30 Minutes of Cordless Shaving
  • SmartFoil Technology
  • Precision Trimmer for Long Hair
  • Touch Sensitive System
  • Washable
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Two Year Warranty

The SmartFoil system takes care of problem hair for a smooth, clean shave. The shaver also will adjust to the pressure you apply to maintain a proper shave. In addition, you’ll find $10 worth of coupons good for the Perfect Grooming Kit.


There are a number of benefits that the 190s-1 offers for its economical price, particularly when you consider its compact size and ergonomic grip.

SmartFoil System: One of the issues that many electric shavers have is the difficulty with problem hair located at the inner corner of the jawline and neck or sometimes under the chin. The SmartFoil technology used in this shaver helps take care of problem hair that otherwise would stubbornly remain.

Totally Washable: This means that you can easily clean the razor by running it under the faucet. A simple, easy method to keep the 190s-1 clean for your next shave and not have to worry about damaging the unit itself. Just follow the directions and you’ll have it cleaned properly in no time.

Two Year Warranty: All things considered, this is a long warranty for such a device which makes it rather special. Add to this the 45-day money back guarantee that ensures complete satisfaction and you have a remarkable shaver than Braun fully backs.

There are very few disadvantages with the unit, apart from the fact that some electric shavers from other companies have a longer battery lifespan for a similar price. Otherwise, the 190s-1 has proven to be a remarkable shaver.


The Braun Smart Control 190s-1 Cordless Shaver offers a remarkable shave for such an economically priced unit. The overall compact design belies its high quality and efficiency when it comes to the shaving experience that it delivers. Of the many advantages that it offers, perhaps the most important is the combination of smooth shaving technology that provides for a close shaving even with problem hairs or in the difficult to reach areas of the jawline or chin.

If you are looking for a good, close shaving electric razor that is economically priced, the Braun Smart Control 190s-1 Cordless Shaver is the one for you.

Braun Smart Control 190s-1 Cordless Shaver

Braun Smart Control 190s-1 Cordless Shaver








  • Two Year Warranty
  • Totally Washable
  • SmartFoil System

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