Braun Series 1 1-150 Men’s Shaver

Braun has made a name for itself over the years when it comes to quality electric shavers. In addition, many consumers are aware of the different series that Braun has released which offers electric razors for different types of buyers. The Series 1 is designed for those who have yet to use an electric shaver. This means that the number of features may be rather scarce, but the emphasis is on delivering a smooth, clean shave.

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The Braun Series 1 1-150 Men’s Shaver follows in the tradition of the Series 1 as it offers relatively few features, but an emphasis on being simple, straightforward, and reliable when it comes to delivering a close, clean shave.


The features themselves are rather minimal, but they are geared towards the first-time user so that the device is very easy to use.

  • Eight Hour Charge/20 Minutes Shaving Time
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extra-Wide Shaving Head


The benefits of this particular electric shaver are centered on being simple and easy to use. It does come with a very attractive design that makes it simple to understand.

Ergonomic Design: The simple, straightforward design of the electric razor makes it easy to handle so you can reach difficult areas such as the jawline and neck with little difficulty. It is also rather compact to make it simple to hold in your hand. The non-slip grip is handy when the razor is wet so you can maintain control.

Waterproof: Being waterproof means that you can expose the blades to running water without fear of damaging the electronics of the razor itself. This helps keep the blades clean so you can enjoy a smooth shave each time out.

Wide Shaving Head: Despite being rather compact, the extra-wide shaving head is a powerful addition to this electric razor. You can now shave more of your face in less time and still get the results that you want. In addition, the shaving head makes it easy to get at harder to reach places.

There are no real downsides to this razer in terms of its design. Despite being for beginners, it could use a few more features and perhaps be a little more robust in terms of its longevity. Otherwise, it functions quite well for the price.


There is little doubt that the Braun Series 1 1-150 Men’s Shaver offers a close, smooth shave that is perfectly designed for those who have never used an electric razor before. It’s compact, effective, and comes with all the necessary features that makes it work well.

It is not however an electric shaver designed for those who have used them before. For experienced electric shaver users, you are probably better off with another unit that offers more advanced features. Still, this does work well for travelling or when storing an extra razor in case your primary unit breaks down. For those who are looking at their first electric shaver, the Series 1 1-150 offers what you need to get the shave you want.

Braun Series 1 1-150 Men’s Shaver

Braun Series 1 1-150 Men’s Shaver








  • Waterproof
  • Wide Shaving Head
  • Ergonomic design

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