Braun cruZer Z-50 Shaver

Braun has been the name to trust in electric shavers for decades thanks to their line of celebrated products. Over this time, Braun has continually come out with new designs that have impressed millions of consumers who want durable electric razors that provide a close, clean shave time and time again.

So, it’s no surprise that the Braun cruZer Z-50 Shaver has been highly praised as well by consumers. However, does it really live up to the standards set by Braun when it comes to small, compact electric razors?

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This unit was primarily designed for travel, so it does not offer the same number of features found in electric shavers designed for the home. However, it does include many features that Braun includes in their razors.

–   Independent Floating head
–   Wide & Narrow Shapers
–   Beard Trimming Attachment
–   Rotating Styler w/Two Sides
–   Ergonomic Shape
–   No-Slip Grip


Despite the seemingly limited number of features, there are some advantages to this particular electric razor. One of the more interesting is the emphasis on versatility. This is especially true when you consider the seemingly straightforward design.

3-in-1 Shaver: You can shave, trim, and shape with this razor allowing you to do everything needed for proper grooming all with one device. This makes it very convenient to use and you can keep all the parts in one place. For men looking for a simple, straightforward razor that also does trimming and shaping, this is the one for you.

Ergonomic Design: The compact design and no-slip grip makes this one easy to handle even under wet conditions. For those who are looking to improve the overall quality of their shaving experience, using a device that is easy to handle is a great place to start. For many, this is certainly one of the best reasons to own this electric razor.

Cord or Cordless Shaving: You can keep the shaver plugged in if you like for shave after shave or unplug it thanks to the rechargeable battery. Because it works both ways, you can use the razor at your convenience.

There are relatively few disadvantages to this particular electric razor, apart arguably from trying to do too many things all in one small, compact design. However, that is a matter of opinion as many customers have been more than pleased with the 3-in-1 features that make it a remarkable product.


Considering its durable design, the Braun cruZer Z-50 Shaver provides everything most men need in an electric razor. It’s compact, versatile, and works well under most conditions. What really makes this device special is its versatility which means you can take it on trips and still get the right shaving, trimming, and shaping you want that matches your particular style.

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use electric shaver, this product from Braun has what it takes. It’s affordably priced and well designed so that it lasts for a long time providing one close shave after another.

Braun cruZer Z-50 Shaver

Braun cruZer Z-50 Shaver








  • 3-in-1
  • Cordless Operation
  • Designed with an ergonomic shape

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