Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver Reviews

Braun Series 3 390CC

These days, a lot of women get more and more attracted with guys that have clean and hair-free fac. They find it neat and somewhat wholesome-looking. On the other hand, greater number of men finds it uncomfortable to have facial hair. Not to mention, keeping one’s beard and moustache always hygienic and properly groomed is not that easy. At times, you need to have extra money so that you will have beard oil, wipes, etc. For these reasons, facial hair-shaving have become highly preferable for men. If you are among those men who are looking for the most rewarding shaving experiences every time, the Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver is the right tool for you. Continue reading to know more about this product.

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The Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver is the number one model included in the Series 3 set. This electric shaver is intelligently engineered to adapt automatically to the different contours of every face, providing totally safe and excellent custom shave results. This incorporates three fully-adaptive shaving components, which is perfectly suited to saving long and/or tiny hairs in each stroke. The head of this shaver smoothly slides across the skin for extra control and comfort. After you use it, its “Clean and Renew System” lubricates and cleans it to obtain like-new performance the next time you use it.

Appearance and Accessories

B00517W47O_201211131This shaver is lightweight and handy. With its size which is limited to 6.2 x 6.2 x 9.9 inches only and 2.8 lbs. in weight, it will absolutely be easy for anyone to use. It has a Triple-Action FreeFloat System for better shaving performance. The cutting edge technology of the Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver is designed to shave long and tiny hairs. It comes in a complete package with its accessories including a cleaning brush, SmartPlug (100V-240V), the 51S (8000 series) Foil and Cutter, and the Clean & Renew-System 4 Pack Cartridge.

Main Features

Here are then standout features that the Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver has:
1.Triple-Action Cutting System
2.SensoFoil Technology
3.Precision long and short hair trimmer
4.4-Level LED display
5.Fully-washable and 100% waterproof shaver
6.Rechargeable battery (Ni-MH battery)

Braun 3Series CleanNeedless to say, cleaning and maintenance are among the top concerns of every user. Well, with the Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver, this is not much of a problem. The ‘Clean & Renew System’ of this shaver automatically cleans, lubricates, and then dries the entire machine with just one press. If you want to clean the blades, it won’t because its replaceable cartridges efficiently slide into its base to provide dirt and hair-free shaver.

The Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver has 2-Year Limited Warranty period. If the shaver exhibits such a defect, Braun will, at its option, either repair or replace it for the consumer without charge.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to automatic shavers. I don’t have to worry about tiny hairs that my old hair trimmers are not able to shave-off completely.

Cleaning and maintenance of this shaver is unbelievable. There is no series of steps to steps to follow. I simply have to press a button and just like that, my shaver is as good as new Amazing!

Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver

Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver








  • SensoFoil Technology
  • Precision Long Hair Trimmer
  • 4-Stage LED Display
  • Rechargeable Battery

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