Best Body Hair Trimmers

Body Hair Trimmers

Body hair is a touchy subject, and a lot of people are particular about the way they like to groom. Not all regular razors or trimmers are sized and shaped appropriately for the task. Keep your personal grooming style in mind while you’re browsing for the perfect tool for the job.

Things to Think About Before You Buy

Different body hair trimmers come with different specialties. Some people need trimmers that can do different things. Consider what you want to do with your trimmer before you buy one that might fall short.

Some people make the mistake of purchasing full body trimmers when all they really need is a beard tool. If you want the best of both worlds, there are plenty of electric body hair trimmers on the market that offer beard attachments. Opting to go this route will help you get the most for your money. You’ll never need to buy separate tools.

  • What About Small Spaces?

Normal trimmers without attachments aren’t designed to be used in small areas, like noses or ears. If that’s what you need the trimmer for the most, you’ll need to make sure you choose one that comes with that specific attachment.

The Top 5 Best Body Hair Trimmers

What do you need to trim? It’s time to explore your options when it comes to different trimmers and trimming kits.

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

Philips Norelco BG2040

Check Price of Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

This electric body hair trimmer is small enough to fit anywhere, and strong enough to do anything. It’s a great combination of power and size, and it makes it easy to do whatever you need to do. You can use it for your sideburns just as easily as you can use it on your chest, abs, or even your swimsuit area.


  • This is designed like a very small traditional electric shaver. If you don’t want to fuss with attachments, you’ll appreciate the functionality.
  • The head pivots and swivels in all directions. You won’t have to fuss with it to get it to move the way you need it to, and the motion range reduces the risk of cuts and nicks.
  • The rounded combs at the end of the blades prevent scratches and scrapes in areas where your skin is sensitive.


  • This doesn’t come with any attachments to get into smaller areas, like noses or ears.

What’s in the box?: The store and charge stand, as well as the cleaning brush.

This is a simple, yet powerful electric body hair trimmer. If you want something to use on your chest and around the groin, this one is perfect. It’s simple to use, and you’ll never have to fuss with it. It’s a great small area trimmer – you might even want to use it to clean up your hairline around your neck.

2. Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit

Check Price of Remington PG525

This is a full body grooming kit, and you can do everything with it. It comes with a stand and an attachment for just about anything you’d ever need to do. This is the kind of body hair trimmer that both men and women will love, and it’s something you’ll want to keep around the house.


  • Among the many attachments is an ear and nose hair trimmer, making this one of the most versatile trimmers you can get.
  • The Remington PG525 included combs allow this body hair trimmer to be used for beard maintenance.
  • If you only want a single tool kit that you can use for everything, this is one of the only body hair trimming kits that can do every task. It’s the best value for money.


  • This is a trimmer, not a shaver. If you want to get all the way down to the root of the hair, you’re going to have to shave it afterwards.

What’s in the box?: A nose, ear, and detail timmer, a vertical body hair trimmer, a hair clipper comb that can be adjusted to 8 different lengths, and 3 combs for beards and stubble. The charger, and the stand for the shaver and accessories.

This does everything you need to do for a reasonable price. If you need a trimmer and not a shaver, this is the right tool for the job. It’s a full blown kit, and you won’t have to buy a bunch of different things to replace what you can do with this one. Save money, save space, and opt for this one.

3. Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit

Sminiker Professional 5 in 1

Check Price of Sminiker Professional 5 in 1

This compact little kit packs a big punch. It’s called a five in one kit, but it does much more than that. This is easy to use as a beard trimmer, but you can handle anything else on your face and body with it just as easily. It all packs neatly together, and it even looks nice on your countertop.


  • The beard and stubble comb offers 18 settings, all of them in millimeters. It’s never been easier to get a custom trim.
  • Includes a precision trimmer attachment for contours, fine lines, and details. You can use this for delicate shaping work – even around the eyebrows.
  • Compartmentalized stand makes it easy to keep the kit organized. You’ll know if something is missing.


  • If you don’t have a beard, some of the features in the trimming kit won’t prove to be useful.

What’s in the box?: The charger, the stand, the cleaning brush, a comb, the micro shaver, the precision trimmer, the ear and nose hair trimmer, a vertical trimmer, a vertical comb, a beard comb, a cutting element, and an adjustable hair clipping comb.

If you want all the gadgets, you’re going to like this kit. It’s a practical grooming set, and it would even make a great gift. There’s no man on the planet who couldn’t use at least most of these attachments. It’s really hard to go wrong here.

4. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler 3-In-1 Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Trimmer

Check Price of Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. This is a great body hair trimmer for people who have a tendency to prefer regular razors over the heads of the typical electric tools. It’s a combination of the two styles – it’s battery powered, but it features the same blades a refillable cartridge razor would have.


  • Comes with three custom length combs for specialized trimming. You pick how long or how short you want to go – you don’t need to buzz it all the way down.
  • The blades are easily replaceable, so you don’t have to worry about the head going dull on you after time. Just pop a new one on whenever you’d like.
  • Since the power features run off of a replaceable battery, you never need to deal with cords or chargers.


  • If you want something that buzzes, this isn’t it. It requires some manual work. While that makes it perfect for details and reduces the risk of mistakes, it might take you a little longer to get the job done.

What’s in the box?: The timmer, the ProGlide Power cartridge, a battery, 3 guide combs, and an organizing stand.

If you feel more comfortable using a regular razor, this gillette fusion proglide is the trimmer you want. It isn’t as overwhelming as a traditional foil shaver, so you won’t feel like you’re making a big switch. You don’t have to change the way you shave if you’re old fashioned.

5. Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

Braun Cruzer 5 Body ShaverCheck Price of Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

This is another assisted cartridge style trimmer that comes loaded with all the accessories you’ll need. If you have sensitive skin, you’re going to want a body hair trimmer just like this. This is a small trimming and grooming kit that’s perfect for people who need a set that’s travel friendly.


  • This body hair trimmer comes with a long comb, a medium comb, and a sensitive comb designed to help prevent razor burn or shaving bumps.
  • The trimmer is designed to shave wet. If you have dry skin, you’ll appreciate being able to lather up beforehand.
  • The electric shaver on the back and the razor on the front allow you to shave and trim with the same tool.


  • The razor heads will need to be replaced as often as regular cartridge razor heads.

What’s in the box?: Three differently sized combs, a battery, and a travel case.

This is the best bet for the guy on the go. Since you can shave and trim at the same time, you’ll only need to bring one tool with you on your trip. It’s also great for people with small bathrooms.

Picking The Best Electric Body Hair Trimmer For You

All you need to consider is what you want to trim, and pick a tool that will allow you to trim that area. Versatility comes in all different forms. It’s all about the way you prefer to shave.

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