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Bald Eagle Smooth Shaver

It is a common knowledge out there that a good percentage of men like shaving their heads on a regular basis or after a specific interval. In fact, some men would prefer to be clean-shaven. The most common tools that are usually used to execute this important task include disposable shavers, safety razors and in some case the electric shavers. Given the nature of the head, most of these tools will give you a hard time. For instance, the head may have bumps and depressions which can make it hard for you to use a safety razor. The performance of some electric razors is also wanting. To solve all the shaving issues and ensure that you get a smooth shave, you need to try out Bald Eagle Smart Shaver.

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Skull Shaver Bald Eagle SmartAs the name suggests, Bald Eagle Smart Shaver will help you to get a bald and smooth shave. Most of the men tend to give up on the issue of bald shaving, and one reason for this could be the type of razor used. Even though most of the razors in the market claim to give you a smooth shave, most of them can’t achieve this and this. Even if they try to do so, they may leave some patches of hair on your head, and in some cases, your head can get minor cuts. Getting a clean shave doesn’t have to be that complex as other razors make it look. Bald Eagle Smooth Shaver can help you to achieve a smooth save with total ease.

Bald Eagle Smart Shaver is a new smart head shaver that has taken the electric shaving market by storm. It is a product from Skull Shaver, a company that was founded by John Lyles. The founder who is also bald aimed at creating a product that will be an ultimate solution to men who would wish to have bald heads with fewer hassles. Looking at the features of the product, it seems that the founder managed to achieve his goal. Not does the shaver perform well but has also managed to outdo some of the closest competitors.

Unique Features of Bald Eagle Smart Shaver

Has flexible head with five rotary cutters

The high and fast performance of Bald Eagle Smooth Shaver is due to the presence of five rotary blades. They cover a large portion of the head at once meaning that the shaving process will take less time. The cutters have also been designed to deal with any hair effectively. They can shave off both the thick and fine hair. The flexibility of the rotating head ensures that the shaver can deliver a perfect job regardless of the nature of your head. There won’t be nicks and cuts.


Can be used for both face and hand shave

Bald Eagle Smart Shaver can work perfectly for both wet and dry shave. The only limitation is that you can’t use it in the shower. When using the shaver for the wet shave, try to use shaving foam rather than a gel. This is because the high density of the gel can affect the performance of the shaver.

Compatible with other accessories

The shaver is compatible with most of the accessories that can be used to improve the shaving experience. It can be easily attached on SS Rinse Stand so as to allow a seamless rinsing and drying.

A single charge will last for 90 minutes when on use

Another unique feature that Bald Eagle Smart Shaver boasts of is the high power capacity and the ability to conserve energy. It only takes two and a half hours for the electric shaver to be fully-charged. This charge can last the machine for 90 minutes when in use. Of course, no man would like to connect the shaver to the socket everytime that. Its efficient energy-saving feature makes it ideal for traveling even to places where you may not have a chance to charge it. Even the most expensive electric shavers that are in the market can barely last for an hour when in use.

The Design

Bald Eagle Smart Shaver has a simplistic and innovative design that is unique from other shavers. The shaver’s handle is horizontally shaped. This is unlike most of the shavers whose handles are of vertical. This design ensures that you can handle the shaver comfortably and reach all the parts of the head without straining. The ergonomic design also makes it possible for unidirectional shaving. You can move it to any direction while shaving regardless of the nature of the hair growth. With Bald Eagle Smooth Shaver, there are no issues of frequent accidental drops or painful in the wrists when handling it. The shaver will perfectly rest in your hand.


Bald Eagle Smart Shaver has an LCD screen that is strategically located on its handle. You can use the screen to accurately monitor the performance of the shaver. For instance, the charge and the current capacity of the battery will be displayed, and this will assist you to control the usage. The cleaning process involves rinsing the shaver under warm water. There are no complex cleaning practices that you should perform on the shaver. As long as you keep it away from the shower and bathtub, it will continue to operate smoothly.


  • The electric shaver has an ergonomic design that keeps you comfortable while using it. You will be able to shave the whole head without feeling any pain.
  • Effective in managing electric energy. It takes a short time to be fully charged and the energy does not get depleted easily.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of accessories.
  • The shaver is lightweight meaning that you will not feel any fatigue while using. This weight also makes it portable.
  • The pivoting heads of the shaver can match with any shape of the head.


  • Cannot be used in the shower and it should not be used with gel. This can disadvantage many men who like shaving while in showers.
  • Bald Eagle Smooth Shaver does not have an auto clean system.


Bald Eagle Smart Shaver is a perfect best electric shaver for a person who would like to get a smooth and perfect shave within a short time. It is a shaver that will give you easy time when it comes to handling, thanks to its innovative design. You can use it as long as you want and this is possible because of its long battery life. You can easily monitor the battery level through the shaver’s LCD screen. It is a shaver that is worth the investment, and it comes with a one year warranty.

Bald Eagle Smart Shaver

Bald Eagle Smart Shaver








  • The shaver is very easy to clean
  • Compatible with a wide variety of accessories
  • Has flexible head with five rotary cutters
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